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Congratulations for opting to be personally motivated enough to take on this one-of-a-kind 2-week crash course!

"Please expect that if you remain consistent, faithfully attending to the strategic demands of this 2-week crash course, you will be better positioned for enjoying a succession of successful contract-related home projects than most U.S. private home decision makers will be in their entire life times."

Example:  In the average home improvement project, how many separate expenses can there be?

Most private home heads CANNOT answer that question. We are all too indoctrinated to the phrase "Labor & Materials." In this case, we unknowingly underestimate the cost/expense probabilities. The reason is that we think "Labor & Materials" without specifically itemizing what else we will be accountable for. Are we just paying for "Labor & Materials?" Or are there other things left out of that picture. No. We are not paying for just "Labor & Materials," we are also paying for other things. Well? Then what are they, and why are we still condescending to that phrase when it is innately inaccurate?

Here you learn how and why the phrase "Labor & Materials" can be a hindrance. We see how it actually diverts attention from other expenses which can be entailed. When attention is diverted in this way, it sabotages the decision-making towards identifying, regulating, and tracking the other expenditures entailed in our home projects.

Here, you will LEARN and KNOW exactly the number of expenses there can be in a home improvement project. But that is only a small fraction of everything else you will learn before you get to the end of this crash course.

Are you ready to GO THE DISTANCE?  CONGRATULATIONS!  Make it so!

Please click for your syllabus, follow it, and by the end of this crash course, you will have been exposed to more than what most private home heads will in a life time. This crash course evidences more to this effect as you remain completely focused on what is presented. Before you can achieve it, it is important to believe it. That is the first step to success in anything you set out to do. GO THE DISTANCE!


Crash Course Motto: GO THE DISTANCE!

 Before you have gone the complete distance of this unique crash course, you will notice things about resident-contractor relations in the U.S. which you did not notice before. You will experience a "high exposure" rate which entails learning quite a bit more per day than the average private home head in the country. The reason is that as you are learning these things, most are not. You are studying each day what many are not thinking about. Therefore, you are learning more per day than most are learning because their attentions are not focused on the same thing. 

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