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Day 6

Hiring (Part 2)

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(Continued from Day 5 – Hiring – Part I)

Always Do A Thorough Service Validation On Contractors To Make The Right Choice, FIRST TIME

Company Service Reputation

Would you believe that there are actually some companies which thrive solely on reputation? But when you look deeper and do the research, you may find that somewhere along the line, they faltered.

This is something which occurred with a nationally renowned home building firm: “Shea Homes.” [As you recall from Part 1 of this Lesson (5)] This outfit has been around for over 100 years. You would think that with a tenure like that, they must be doing something good. Well, we don’t know.  At the time this report was released a few years ago, there were more than 1200 private homeowners in Redmond, WA (alone) who weren't "begging to differ."

The lawsuit focused on variations of gross negligence, shoddy work, deceptive business practices, and for immensely personal grief, frustration, and other inconvenience. Succinctly, it’s so vital to do more than just locate companies which seem to promise delivery of your project in a timely, professional, and gratifying manner. 

Please, don’t skip a beat. Check each one using the recommended 'HOME SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM"  (Link provided below in the "Research Links" section of this lesson). It's strongly recommended that before you touch bases with likely candidates that you first do a though reputation check/service validation of them. What you learn after you’ve followed the above recommendations will make the difference between if whether or not you’re going to speak to them, at all.

Truth: in 99.9% of reported cases of home maintenance and improvement improprieties, the victims skipped several of these beats. It’s documented over and over and over again. They skirted the “service validation” factor of protocol which could have saved them from making such embarrassingly “suicidal” decisions.

"I think it is good practice not to think just because a contractor is a woman ...."

Hiring (Part 2)

Please Study This Lesson In One Sitting

Recent Activity

Primarily, this refers to where and when the company performed its last five projects which are the same or similar to the one you need done. For example, let’s say you wanted to upgrade your driveway. Depending on if whether you require cobblestone, asphalt, concrete with polished stone or crushed red ones, you may very well require a company well-versed in delivering precisely that. It’s doubtful that you’d rather settle for an all-purpose maverick replete with cheap tricks and ingenious magical formulas for economy shortcuts.

“Make no mistake about it! “as President George W. Bush fancied saying. You need a specialist.

For sure, once you’ve panned the availability of driveway specialists in your state, you’ll know that you’ve got quite a wide selection to choose from. If one won’t, the other will. Know the game. Play it better.

And so, who’s been doing what lately? Who’s going to do your special projects (whether it’s a driveway, rewiring, hot water heater, sewage lines, crown molding around your living room or dining area, tool shed, or whatever)? The answers are clear: Those who are verified/validated specialists .

 Key: the company with the most recent verified references for the nature of project you’ve got in mind (all prior due diligence fulfilled) is the most likely candidate.

Company References

Off the bat, a scoundrel thinks like a scoundrel, plans like a scoundrel, and will produce false references as all scoundrels do. Essentially, three calls to three people who praise the caliber and quality of a scoundrel’s work can all be scoundrels, too. So, that’s not going to fly at your house. You need substance. You need evidence. It’s most certainly to your advantage not to settle for “convincing” voices over the phone.

There was a movie (I forget which) cast back in the 70’s where a jolly group of women held down a phone center in the abode of a notorious criminal element. Some chatted on the phone engaged in all sorts of promiscuous innuendo (verbally).

Others wore ruby red lips puckered for planting “power” smears of ruby red onto lightly perfumed “whoopee!” letters before gently sealing them to be mailed off with a kiss. By true description, not one of these haggard women was a day under 65!  But the suckers crooning in from the other end of the line each were apparently led to believe they were speaking with pert little young secret virgins so unimaginably hot, lonely, loyal, and so deeply in love that they were desperate enough to do anything. 


*Research Links:

                    1. Demise of “NBRC Construction”(History moment-2016)

                   2. HOME SERVICE VALIDATION SYSTEM [ultra-modern contractor screening system]

Please Note That "Research Links" May Become Inactive, Especially Those Which Are Outside HGRBS (Course Sponsor) Jurisdiction. In The Event This Occurs, Please Notify Us Immediately Using The Contact Form Provided In  Protocol Assistance.

End of lesson for Day 6 – Hiring – Part 2

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