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Day 5



Service Validations On Each Contractor? 

Best Line Of Defense!

For sure, we’ve reached a “Da-dahhmm!”moment of this study. Who will you hire out of the five (5) best contract firms/contractors you’ve pulled off the net (by your estimation)? If you’re like most people we're familiar with, part of your initial strategy will most likely be to first call each one of them for a quote, then to go with the best bidder. Perhaps, unbeknownst to you, apparently, you’re more concerned about price and prematurely settled on the quality of their product and the finished results. That’s a huge self-inflicted blind spot which causes quite a few people to shove the safety of reasonable protocol (a major prerequisite being a thorough “service validation”) from the back seat to the side of the road from a speeding vehicle. Stop! Look! Listen! … … Please? In this Lesson, we’re going to consider a few smooth moves you can make to be certain you're not inviting bandits to your party. Among these smooth moves are: 

1. Thoroughly checking out each of the contract firms/contractors as part of your “service validation.”

2. Filling in the gaps.

Through doing those 2 things very well, we assure you that it’ll go a long way towards enhancing your protocol towards making the safest, most effective decisions to the benefit of yourself, your family, your finances, your home, and your future. Now, let’s DO this!

"Funny how many harmless-looking contractors are really crooks disguised"

Hiring (Part 1)

Please Study This Lesson In One Sitting

Note: The most successful detrimental contractors do not look the part. This is how they are able to trick residents into believing that we have nothing to worry about. Yet deep down inside they really look like the person in this image. Careful who you hire. There is a report on record that after one resident reported a contractor for receiving thousands of dollars from her without doing the work, he hired a hitman to kill her. Fortunately, the "hitman" turned out to be the undercover cop who busted him.

Service Validation/Due Diligence

As stressed in Lesson 4 – “Scouting & Selecting,” due diligence entails thoroughly researching contractors. However, it must also be mentioned that this includes thoroughly researching terms, conditions, and other content of any documents whether they’re contracts, work orders, itemized price or expense lists, etc. Some documents will require your signature; others won’t. Nevertheless,  let no documentation relative to your project go unnoticed, un-examined, un-validated, and unapproved at any time. Interimly, there’s the “paper work” of and as a result of researching the contract firm or individual contractor using the internet. Your investigations are split into four major parts:

                     1. Company/Contractor service policy.

                     2. Company/Contractor reputation.

                     3. Recent activity;

                     4. Confirmed,  five (5) recent residential references for successful performance of the same/similar work.

Special Note: It's not recommended that you allow your home and property to be an "on-the-job" training or "free-to-go" site. A major emphasis of this 2-week crash-course is pursuit and selection of the best, most seasoned contractors. There should be "no margin" for a failed project.

Company Service Policy

Each of the “fab five”  (five contractors who are likely candidates) should have posted online a clearly understood company policy (something normally best considered in the “scouting” stage).

*If there’s no conspicuously posted service policy included on their company website, it’s recommended that you go no farther. Scrap that company, scout for another.

*Are they punctual beginning, developing, and completing projects?

*Do they offer service warranties?

*Do they guarantee top quality workmanship?

*Are there any cancellation/lock-in fees if you should decide to call a halt to the project and kick them off your property?

*Do they require cash up front?

*Are they okay with a net-30 or net-60 deal (payment within 30 or 60 days)?

If you don’t like what you see in terms of their Company Service Policy, remember you’ve got four more companies you’re considering and a whole state full of others as back up. You’ve got clout!


*Research Links:      

[All things considered, a major part of any contract is the expected rate for compensating all the people working on your home project. Another, is to perform enforcement of them in the event it comes to that]                                 

1.  “Shea Homes - Lawsuit” (History Moment - 2014) 

2.   “SERVICE VALIDATION" Form (contractor screening document)

Please Note That "Research Links" May Become Inactive, Especially Those Which Are Outside HGRBS (Course Sponsor) Jurisdiction. In The Event This Occurs, Please Notify Us Immediately Using The Contact Form Provided In  Protocol Assistance.

End of Lesson 5 – “Hiring” - Part 1

Tomorrow: Day 6 – "Hiring - Part 2


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In "SERVICE VALIDATION/DUE DILIGENCE," there are 4 major parts to your research. These are numbered "1-4." On which line does "Company/Contract Service Policy" appear?

What's meant by the "fab five?"

In "Review Links,"(1.)there's mention of the "Shea Homes - Lawsuit." Have you ever heard of it before now?


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