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Day 4

Scouting & Selecting

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Going The Distance Pays Off! No Question About It!

Hello again, and welcome to Day 4 “Scouting & Selecting.”  At this point, we are confident in you stopping, looking, and listening more than ever before from the basis of successful planning of distinguishing between conducive delegation of assignment and that which is figuratively “suicidal.”  If at this point you really have not noticed a certain rise in your resolve for not being on the receiving end of a failed home project, please, stick around.  But then, it should suffice to say that of the many who are aware of “Protocol & Performance,” you are one of the few who honed in.

Would you like to look ahead?  Would you like to make comparisons?  Would you like to wager that already the probability of your making the same mistakes as somebody else makes during the tenure of this crash course has decreased since Day 1?  Would you like to extend that wager to include some who will lose big time on a failed home project even before you successfully completed this crash course?

It will happen because that is the nature of the beast, but it does not have to happen to you.  So, please, by all means, stick around.

"Today is 'Day 4.' Scouting is one thing, Selecting? Quite another!"

Scouting & Selecting

Please Study This Lesson In One Sitting

 The Simplicity “Getting This Down”

In this Lesson, you are going to gain an even deeper perspective into the simplicity of continuing to pull ahead of the crowd of residents who continually decline moving beyond established decadent moors in resident-contractor relations.  Yet, by no means should this be taken as any of us being better than the other, only BETTER PREPARED!

So, please take physical notes using pencil or pen and real paper.  We cannot afford to have you “wand-ing” around the place wasting energy in more ways than one trying to store or locate something or waiting for the battery to recharge hoping that the info you have noted did not die along with it.  Do the required research. View all “Research Links” presented in this study.  Keep it simple, our friend, while you are scouting, okay? Scout smarter, not harder.

Exercise 1: 

Although hard copy business directories and word-of-mouth can be reliable sources for locating contractors, it is a given that they are really not more dependable than the internet for scouting contractors.  So, the very first thing you do in your quest for the right people is to go online.  Then, please do the following Exercise:

  1. Go to your favorite search engine.
  2. Let us assume you are shopping for the best deal in vinyl siding for your home (we are not talking about the lowest price).
  3. Although you may consider striking up a deal with a company nearest you we hope you will do this first:

Let us say your home is in the state of California. Enter:

                                                     “California - Contractors - Vinyl Siding.”

What you will get is a staggeringly huge line up of companies in the state of California which specialize predominately or completely in "vinyl siding!"  You have got it!

The reason for suggesting that you first do this brief Exercise to pan your favorite search engine is for you to experience an enriched and  authentic visual of the number of firms which "provide and install vinyl siding." Therefore, even if you do not reside in the state of California, you can do the same pan and get the same "intelligence" on  the number of specialists in your state who do vinyl siding or whatever else it is in which you require specialized contract-related support.  And, you will notice that a lot of these extend out as far as a 20-30-mile radius!  This provides you with virtually unlimited latitude for meeting your personal time frame for having your project commenced, developed, and completed by other accomplished pros when the companies located in your immediate area are "too busy."  End of Exercise 1.


Exercise 2: 

  1. Now, it is okay to minimize your scope, using the same pan procedure, for locating the companies nearest you in your search. Pick out a minimum number of five (5) of the best companies nearest you (using your own judgement) which regularly do the sort of project you have got in mind. Whether that is siding, rewiring, Jacuzzis, sunroofs, swimming pools, fences and gates or whatever, that is it.
  2. Once you have done these things, the Scouting is over (tentatively speaking, since you may want to do more if none of these are suitable enough for what you have got in mind).  For now, the Selecting is also over. You have indisputably done both at once. End of Exercise 2.

At this point, you are now ready for the next phase: Due Diligence/Service Validation.  Of course, for the upcoming Day 5 – Hiring - Part 1.  This screening procedure is highly crucial before you can make the BEST possible hiring decision. DO NOT hire anyone who knocks on your door. Give them a "Service Validation Form" to take with him/her instead. Each contract, even if you have seen him/her around the neighborhood, must first be VALIDATED!

The “Service Validation”/ checking current reputation, background, and references of these five contractors you have selected (not hired) before making your actual hiring decision should become as automatic as checking your mail box/e-mail.

In other words, if you expect to make the best possible decision, then it is strongly imperative for you to ALWAYS conduct an effective, no-exceptions Service Validation. This is recommended to be a deeply ingrained and irreversible major aspect of your protocol.  Enough is enough.  The buck starts and stops with you.  This will be covered in a bit more detail in Day 5 (Part 1-2).

Master the possibilities.  Please, do not let the possibilities master you!  That is just to say that although anything is possible, it is up to you to control the nature of those possibilities through proactively only making possible what you need to make possible.  On to the future, TODAY!


*Research Links:

  1. "Service Validation Form"  Crucial. (Nation's 1st Standardized Contractor Screening Document for the Home)
  2. Another reason for necessary research/service validation on contractors
  3. Special Reminder For Always Careful Researching Contractors 

Please Note That "Research Links" May Become Inactive, Especially Those Which Are Outside HGRBS (Course Sponsor) Jurisdiction. In The Event This Occurs, Please Notify Us Immediately Using The Contact Form Provided In Protocol Assistance.

End of Day 4 – “Scouting & Selecting”  Please, rest assured, that on this, your fourth day of preparedness, just by virtue of your measured consistency in this matter, you are demonstrating a quality which gives you an edge in contract-related home project decision making.  How so?  You are practicing calculating behavior which is reality-based.  You know what you are reaching for but you are doing it with tact.  You are willing to "wait" until the time is right for the next move.  You believe it is worth the promised benefits for so doing.  Calculating. 

*Tip: A major reason for most reported home maintenance and improvement improprieties against residents is impulsive behavior.  These residents we are not willing to wait until they did what was reasonably required to protect themselves.  The exact opposite!

Tomorrow: Day 5 – Hiring - Part 1


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