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Day 3


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Master The Situation  

Do Not Let The Situation Master You!


Hello again! As always, it is a pleasure and a great honor sharing useful information with others. Yet, even more than that, it is our greatest pleasure and honor sharing it with you!

Invariably, at this point it is safe to say that you have a fairly good idea of what is meant by “Stop! Look!” and “Listen!” within the context of this study. Also, it is very probable that  you have an even better perception of the bare intellectual essentials towards effectively planning [ref. Hesitancy, Insight, Wisdom, Foresight].

Now, we are going to stop, look, and listen a bit to uncover or to reconsider how crucial these are to your delegation of people and money towards the success of your home projects. Consistent with this plan, before you are through with this present Lesson, you are going to be even farther ahead having become just a tad bit more familiar with reassessing the benefits and pitfalls directly related to the extents to which your protocol is defined and implemented. For sure, it is that sort of tactfully strategic thinking and doing which automatically leads to your adopting protocol which inevitably saves you quite a bit of time, tons of money, embarrassment, and personal guilt.


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Please Study This Lesson In One Sitting


Straight off, it is plausible  that you acknowledge the fact that when we are speaking about “delegating,” we are considering situations when you use your authority to assign specific functions to people or to inanimate objects to further a cause which is very significant to you. Truly, with respect to people, this normally implies willfully assigning tasks to others in order to facilitate or for them to perform in such ways which inevitably represent what you would do.

Whether  you have required skill or not, you assign work to others in order to make things happen a lot more efficiently and expeditiously. In areas you are weak, you have learned through your own life experiences that there are others who are strong. In areas where your presence is required, when you are preoccupied with other things, you have found that assigning someone else or others to meet that requirement is your best option. That’s classical “management 101.”

Home is a Business, Too

For sure, rudimentary to any successful business, there must be an intact system for assigning specified duties to others. The most successful businesses are the most devout practitioners of successful delegation of tasks. Be it Microsoft or Military, Starbucks or Street Cleaners, Goodwill Industries or Habitat for Humanity, without successful delegation of tasks, they would lose ground rapidly and suffer severe ramifications.

Now, when translated to the private, personal circle of your home, there is really not much difference when it comes to getting things done by others which you either do not have time for, are not the best at, or for any number of other reasons. Yet, irrespective of who does what, you are the guiding force for having everyone chip in for the benefit of the home setting (notwithstanding the pre-eminence of the family, itself).

Subsequently, you delegate or assign duties to others to enable things to go as smoothly and as productively as possible. But then, it pays to exercise a bit of discretion. So, although you know you can get a lot more done as the need arises through delegating certain things to others, it is necessary to draw the line under special circumstances.

Caution for What You Delegate and To Whom

Right off the bat, there are certain times when it is not such a great idea to delegate certain things to people you hire for doing your home projects. Among these are:

  1. Shopping with your money
  2. Absolute authority
  3. Filing your home insurances claims for you (before or after projects).
  • Briefly, it is recommended that if contractors are going to do any work for you, that they are financially healthy enough to shoulder all costs/expenses for whatever they need to get your project well underway.
  • Your home is not the contractor’s home. Please, do not give indications that it is. “ Mi Casa es Tu Casa!” (“My Home is Your Home!”).
  • Press for and use your option for filing your own home insurance claims. In other words, make your arrangements with your insurer to give the money (assign benefits) directly to you. Then you pay the contractor consistent with your project priorities/protocol for so doing.*


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End of Day 3 – “Delegating” [Please rest from this third day of this 2-week study. Please do not try to absorb all the sections at once. Please stay on course, okay? Digest this first. Take a breather. Tomorrow is another day.

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In this lesson, what's meant by "management 101?"

Is the home setting a "business," too?

It's not advisable to allow contractors to: 1. Go shopping with your money; 2. Have absolute authority; 3. Fill out any home insurance claim forms for you.


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