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We've only just begun. This free crash course is (in itself) a planning function. It’s part of your plans for making better decisions and getting better results. We really don’t know of anyone who has either the need or desire for anything less. Yet, on a regular basis, many of us falter (although our hope is for success) because we behave recklessly being motivated on the weakness of uninformed hopes and assumptions rather than on the strength of practical reality...

However, we're confident that you’re well aware of the fact that if you really want something to work out in a manner favorable to you, then it’s important to familiarize yourself with every significant aspect which offers the best chance for that to materialize. It follows that, in order for you to accomplish this in a most satisfying way, this special lesson considers 4 primary intellectual assets (which will be presented momentarily ) which you can refine at your leisure to pull far ahead into the future, today.

Interimly, there will still be so many who are sadly and blindly content with continually submitting themselves to a self-depreciating status quo in this realm of home maintenance and improvement.  These naïve practices often leave residents embarrassingly exposed to familial, residential, psychological, spiritual, and financial subterfuge.

" Today is a great day for learning more about this. Tomorrow? The reason for today."


Please Study This Lesson In One Sitting

In effect, as you already know, the design of “Protocol & Performance,” through identifying and sharing very conducive data and guidance (in the realm of private home living) enables you to make better decisions/choices which are more consistent with your best wishes and interests. To this effect, our emphasis is on how imperative it is before, during, and after each project that you maintain a state of readiness which immensely decreases the likelihood of you being in that number of deceived and disillusioned residents.

Now, have said that, here are 4 key elements elements which can guarantee this sort of readiness:

Hesitancy, Insight, Wisdom, and Foresight


Vital. This is mentioned because the degree to which you hesitate to “just do it” has a lot to do with what happens next. It’s the difference between making poor decisions and making informed ones.  

In this view, it is recommended that you always decline agreeing to or signing anything which impacts on the state of your home setting without 48-hours’ worth of hesitation during the regular work week (Monday thru Thursday); a minimum 72-hours’ worth of hesitation when the offer is made on a Friday, Holiday,  or during the Weekend.  Please, make Hesitancy a permanent practice.

When you do this as part of your constant efforts at perfecting your protocol, please, use the time to research or to authorize the research of the individual and his/her company’s full legal name and recent news about them before coming to a decision. Hesitancy within context drastically reduces ever-present probabilities for scoundrels subjecting you to their evil practices.


It’s also established (referring again to Day 1's lesson) that “you live there, you need to live there,” and that you want things to be as comfortable and as convenient as possible. Here’s where the demand kicks in for the sort of insight you need concerning:

*Legality of the project in the municipality in which your property is located (Is it legal? Are permits required?) [You can go online or call your County Clerk's Office]

*How much can you afford to spend in terms of pay-outs and purchases? (Do you know?)

* Which is the best option for scouting the talent you require? (Internet? Word-of-Mouth?)

*How do you “prove” you’re considering the right people? (Internet? Word-of-Mouth? Checking out multiple data banks and search engines?)

Once you have these questions (of a few) solidly answered through your proactivity, you’ll then have sufficient Insight which enables you to proceed safely and more effectively.


Of course, Wisdom entails making the right decisions and doing the right things at the right times for the required results. Yet, how would you know you’re making the right decisions and doing the right things in a timely fashion without adequate Insight? So, it’s self-evident that there’s an undeniable connection between your Insight into the situation and the tact/Wisdom you use getting the people and the results most preferable.


As you know, when you resist the temptation for jumping into something right away, you’re better enabled to do the necessary degree of relative research which, in turn, enables you to make the wisest possible decisions for your home projects. This filters into the “how,” “when,” “whom,” and “what” will best contribute to your project expectations.

For sure, your Hesitancy, Insight, and Wisdom in these situations will provide you with the Foresight you need for guiding your home project to success. Together these constitute the premise on which you base the nature of the sort of plans you need to make. 

*Research Links:

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3. Tips on Planning Your Home Project (Angie's List)

End of lesson for Day 2 – “Planning”  (Please, be consistent. Stay on course each day)

Tomorrow: Lesson 3 - Delegating

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This free crash course transitions from evening to evening allowing an approximate 24-hour window for studying and researching. It is understood that most online participants work during the day and do most of their personal internet activity during the evening. Whether or not day-shifting applies to you, as well, it is certain you will not miss a single one.  Pass the word! Stick around! GO THE DISTANCE!

In the meantime, please, continue to make better decisions since, truly, the worst you’ll get are BETTER RESULTS!

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