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Day 13

Mnemonics 1

What Do You Remember?

For sure, when you have studied each lesson on its designated day and you have done so consistent with the 2-week requirement and purpose of this crash-course (studying each lesson only on its designated day in numeric sequence), as you view each photo, you would remember what that lesson for the day was all about. Each image here is expected to trigger your memory to that effect. If you do not remember  what the lesson was about, it is recommended that you click on the image (which serves as a back link) for your refreshment.

You can start by naming the "Day"  (numerically) for each image, the subject, then you can remember what it's about.

Please, include all questions, inquiries, comments, and suggestions for this crash course as they are fresh on your mind by clicking the hover link above or the link below for "PROTOCOL ASSISTANCE."         Response Time Will Vary Depending on the Day, Time, and Load!








*Once you have completed "Day 14", hopefully you won't do what a lot of people do: CONSIDER IT DONE, PUT IT BEHIND YOU,  FORGET ABOUT IT THEN CONCENTRATE ON SOMETHING ELSE. For sure, this crash course will be over, but all you've broached here in terms of successfully deflecting dishonest contractors, and carefully selecting, and hiring the best contractors, will remain as current as it ever was.

Nutshell, please, continue to practice what you've opted to become more familiar about relative to this crash course. Please, stay current, okay? Stay on top of it! The true "DISTANCE" isn't the end of this crash course. Instead, it's as far as you can go from one successful home project to another! PLEASE, GO THE DISTANCE!

Please, always remember to share the news about this crash course with others! 

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