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Day 12



Most Times  Best To Be Firm But Fair About Things

[The ideal is to conceive of the project, have the money to summon someone to do it right the first time, and to enjoy all the wonderful benefits, thereof. The perfect trip from conception to completion. The perfect project]

A Time to Decide

We know that, if life (being consistent with reality) was anything like we hoped it should be, we truly wouldn’t have a care in the world. But, fortunately, we get the challenges, we overcome them, then we bask in the thrill of the victory! That doesn’t happen all the time … … but it happens. The more, the better. Typically, it’s all about the choices we make. It’s all about decisions.

The fruit of best decisions are best results. Better decisions, better results. That’s a universal. So, from time to time, you’ll make a bad decision hiring a Frankenstein monster or a "Baby Huey," and you’ve got to decide how to make a better one (decision) which would legally, safely, and permanently send the monster away. Okay. Now, how are you going to do it? Well? Why did he/she/they want your project to begin with? Once you figure in the reason, you’ll more than likely figure in the rest. How much time has been invested? How much work has been accomplished (if any)?

"Now how much work did he do according to our deal? Think I'll Ask My Attorney."


Please Study This Lesson In One Sitting

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” – Mahatma Gandhi


Like it or Not

That’s something no one really likes to hear. But, it's certain that you’re aware of the fact that, whether or not we like doing some things, if they’re our best options for defusing potentially volatile situations, it’s advisable that we do them … … diplomatically. Of course, we’re talking about “Settling.” But, it's probably a great idea not to do it without the appropriate paper work. Now, we’re talking about a “lien waiver” otherwise known as a “lien release”

[Hopefully. you've got a written clause to that effect in your contract]

Lien Release/Waiver

You know that the best thing to do for the project you hope to complete is to get rid of the contractor. This person or company just doesn’t fit into the plans you’ve got for your project. However, a big issue is the fact that some work has been done. Although the work is a bit under par and very likely everything will have to be done over, it’s important to credit the contractor for the time and labor he/she/they invested.

It’s not advisable to send anyone away empty handed nor is it advisable to send anyone away with his/her/their “consolation prize” of a few bucks without having each person you're obligated to pay  (the Lead Contractor, foremost) thoroughly read, confirm his/her/their understanding of, and  to sign your lien release/waiver. Do it with style or delegate it to a loyal and no-nonsense project assistant.*[This is best done by your attorney ... ... to prevent "bite-backs").


*Research Links: 

                    1. C-man Makes a Surprise $20,000.00 Hit on a Home Run!(History moment-2015)

                    2. “Contract for Home Maintenance & Improvement Services;”

                    3. Lien Waiver/Release (downloadable and printable form/Settlement). 

Please Note That "Research Links" May Become Inactive, Especially Those Which Are Outside HGRBS (Course Sponsor) Jurisdiction. In The Event This Occurs, Please Notify Us Immediately Using The Contact Form Provided In  Protocol Assistance.

End of lesson for Day 12– Settling – Part 2

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What's something no one really likes to hear?

If the contractor doesn't work out, and you fire him/her, will you be covered well enough to prevent this contractor from suing you?

Assuming you're aptly covered from being sued by a contractor after you've fired him/her, is it okay to reach some sort of financial settlement?

Assuming again, you had a meeting with the contractor you've fired, and you've agreed on a reasonable settlement, what do you think your next best move would be?


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