Protocol & Performance

DAY 11

Firing -Part 2


Do you know what I like about you? I don’t know either! (Ha!) But then, there’s something I “know” about you: you’re paying attention. I think, maybe, that’s at least one thing I like about you. Then again, there are quite a few other things we can toss into the mix. For sure, this is one seemingly awkward entrance considering the fact that we’re talking about condition under which you’re going to have to give people the proverbial axe… more than once in your life time.

Now, here’s the method behind all this gladness. You see, I’m really honing in on personal factors of which “liking or not liking” someone isn’t recommended to be considered a credible premise for the decision you make to terminate your business relationship with specific contractors.

You see, you may have to fire someone you like. You may not fire or drag it out with your reluctance to do so because you like him/her. Hopefully, I can be of assistance towards making such a “dreadful” thing a tart sort of pleasantry. Perhaps, it’s really a great idea at this point to just get into reasons you may have to ask people to leave, but in a very demanding way.


Fire & Ice

There are several reasons it becomes necessary to fire contractors. Yet, all entail some sort of breach of your agreement (expressed and/or implied):

                    1. Repeatedly engaging or condescending to behavior you or any of your personal assistants expressly forbade for as long as they’re on or near the property. Some of these may entail smoking, excessive profanity, being inebriated by alcohol or other impairing drugs;

                    2. lewdness;

                    3. unnecessary interpersonal confrontations;

                    4. stealing; unauthorized or abusive use of the property;


                    6. project related dishonesty;

                    7. absenteeism;

                    8. insolence towards you, other residents, or your personal assistants, etc.;

                    9. Other breaches of your contract (expressed and/or implied).

Down to the Wire

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re very near to a successfully finished project unless, of course, you’d like to put the “Bye-Bye Contractor” in that category. He’s a successfully “finished” person, instead. At least “finished” as far as doing anything else on your project is concerned. But there could be snags. This is particularly true if this company or person opted to file a lawsuit against you for any variation of unfair and “inhumane” contractual violations.*

*Research Links: 

                   1. What Went Wrong? How? & Why?

                   2.  "Home Service Validation System" (Nation's 1st Standardized System for Screening Contractors)

    Please Note That "Research Links" May Become Inactive, Especially Those Which Are Outside HGRBS (Course Sponsor) Jurisdiction. In The Event This Occurs, Please Notify Us Immediately Using The Contact Form Provided In  Protocol Assistance.

End of lesson for Day 11– “Firing” – Part 2

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If you fired a contractor whom you hired for a 2-month project only 2 weeks into the job, can he sue you?

If the contractor you hired for a 2-month project signed your lien waiver, but you fired her after two weeks on the job, can she sue you?


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