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(Protocol & Performance is an exclusive online crash course for U.S. private home heads of D.C. and the 50 states)

No Formal Requirements

*No online/offline registration required

*No legal documents or other sensitive personal info

*No age requirements (although the expectation is for adult U.S. private home decision-makers)

*No mandatory or optional fee policy

*No solicitations for donations

*No spam, junk mail, "unlocking" garbage,  or "campaigns!"

*No mandatory class attendance (This is an online course)


But there are "Practical Requirements" in terms of getting the absolute most out of this crash course.

Practical Requirements

[Solitude in home or office setting. No distractions]

1. Internet access using systems accommodating:

a. monitors which are 12 inches or more in diameter [Desktop and power-printout capability recommended);

b. compatible and proximal accessories with hard copy, 8.5"x 11" maximum printing convenience since a major part of crash course requirements is regular practice in printing and disseminating standard-sized crucial documents most acceptable in standard business relations.

2. hard copy note pad (For durable, quick access notes)

3. pen or pencil

4. Readiness, willingness, and ability to take the course seriously mastering everything, going the distance.




Day 1 - Stop, Look, & Listen!

Here IsYour  New Proactive Syllabus -  Please Print in 8.5 x 11 

It Helps You Keep Track Of Things (Has Instructions) 

For sure, before you begin your contract-related home maintenance and improvement project, it's crucial that you're situationally, financially. and psychological prepared. This 2-week crash course is specifically for assisting you towards refining your natural born aptitude in this arena .

Please, devote a minimum 15 minutes for strategic focus

Day 2 - Planning

There's an old saying: "Practice makes perfect." Yet that has really never been the case. It's practicing perfectly. 

Please, devote a minimum 15 minutes for strategic focus

Day 3 - Delegating

 There's a very huge mistake made by quite a few of our private home decision makers. That huge mistake is not delegating their authority to assistants. 

Please, devote a minimum 15 minutes for strategic focus

Day 4 - Scouting & Selecting

 In this lesson you're going to enhance your tactics towards scouting for and selecting the right contractors to assist on your special home projects.

Please, devote a minimum 15 minutes for strategic focus 

Day 5 - Hiring - Part 1

 Please, be extra careful about whom you hire otherwise you may suddenly find yourself in the presence of a proverbial monster. The potential is very high for jeopardizing yourself, your family, and your home without investing required time to conduct a thorough reputation check/service validation of contractors. Stay vigilant!

Please, devote a minimum 15 minutes for strategic focus 

Day 6 - Hiring - Part 2

"Please expect that if you remain consistent, faithfully attending to the strategic demands of this 2-week crash course, you will be better positioned for enjoying a succession of successful contract-related home projects than most U.S. private home decision makers will be in their entire life times!"     

Crash Course Motto: GO THE DISTANCE!

Day 7 - Monitoring & Coordinating

The most successful home projects are closely monitored and coordinated to ensure staying on track.  Always monitor and coordinate (or delegate to personal assistants) EVERYTHING from the products and the product drop off to preferences and specifications (to the letter) for the benefit of the progress of the project from beginning to end.

Please, devote a minimum 15 minutes for strategic focus 

Day 8 - Payouts & Purchases - Part 1

In the realm of home contracting, there has been a misconception and a malpractice for perhaps over 200  years of U.S. history  alleging that it's wise to pay for contractor services and to give the contractors "shopping money" in the form of a "bid." This is one of the most controversial subjects of this study. Please, pay very close attention ... ...

Please, devote a minimum 15 minutes for strategic focus 

Day 9 - Payouts & Purchases - Part 2

As concerning the vernacular and meaning of Payouts & Purchaes: It follows that part of our aspirations and expectations for guiding ourselves into the future isn’t only though changing our viewpoints on certain things, but, as much, through conscientiously changing our vernacular consistent with those viewpoints since it factors into reinforcing who we are, how we think, and into what we do and how we do or don't do it.  

Please, devote a minimum 15 minutes for strategic focus

Day 10 - Firing - Part 1

Invariably, it doesn’t matter if the contractor is nice, abrasive, or credible, he/she isn’t overwhelmingly there for your “friendship.” Normally, the contractor is mostly there for your “money.” m 15 minutes for strategic focus 

Day 11 - Firing - Part 2

There's the business of the home, then there's the business of the nursery. Whining, bickering, foul mouthed, impatient, unstable, dependent, brawny Baby Hueys, have to go! It’s recommended that you don’t hesitate to serve them a “Stop Work Order!” Tough stuff.  But, at times, you must be tough enough!

Please, devote a minimum 15 minutes for strategic focus

Day 12 - Settling

In the event you have to fire someone or the whole crew, be certain there's provision for an equitable settlement....and the paperwork. It is recommended that your attorney is present at your home or whatever rendezvous when you require the contractor to sign your “Contractor’s  Final Release &Waiver of Lien” or an equivalent document.  

It protects you against dishonest contractors who may claim you owe them more money at some future point. They can even try it several years up the road if the settlement money you’ve long since paid them isn’t documented along with their waiving any further claim to it.

Please, devote a minimum 15 minutes for strategic focus 

Particularly here in America, since we were young enough to adopt lifestyles consistent with the dream, we've stumbled quite a bit trying to live out the ideal of individuality, independent decision making, and independent action. We really haven't been oriented quite well enough about how much we need each other. Consequently, many of us who are private home decision makers opt to take on too much by ourselves.

Nationally, this sort of isolated behavior shows its worth in nearly 100% of all reported cases of private home maintenance and improvement improprieties. It accounts for the #1 reason these violations occur. We normally don't understand the enormity of the odds stacked against us when we operate alone.  

Here, through "Protocol & Performance," you're going to get a better idea of what those odds are , and you're going to see how you'll exponentially reverse them in your favor, instead. 

SPECIAL NOTE: On occasion, you may begin to trust that the person you forego doing the service validation on is an "angel." You could be right. But what sort of "angel?" The records know what you probably don't. Company Reputation, Recent Activity, and Company References  are  normally the most absolute determinants of if whether or not the contractor can be trusted. A thorough service validation will let you know every time!

Please, devote a minimum 15 minutes for strategic focus 



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